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Listen to Fifty Shades Freed Audiobook by E.L James

Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James, is a trilogy in the erotic romance genre which has captivated the imagination of countless readers. The first of the series saw publication in 2011 and the trilogy has since then gone on to set record-high sales, especially in paperback.

Fifty Shades Freed comes after Fifty Shades of Grey Audiobook and Fifty Shades Darker. The first two books acquired great fan-base following their respective publications. It was not surprising that the third book, long-awaited by its fans, followed suit when it was published in 2012.

The first novel in the series created quite a stir following its publication in 2011. Reactions were varied. There were those who looked down on the book, putting it down as plain and simple erotica, feeding on the sexual fantasies of its readers. There were those who found the book absorbing. The story which revolves around the intense love and passion felt by its protagonists seems to mesmerize quite a number of readers. Many seem spellbound by the passion which rules the relationship – a passion overflowing with deep-seated psychological issues, dominant among which is the sadism-masochism angle.

The Fifty Shades Freed Audiobook follows the story narrated in the first book and its’ sequel. It develops around Anastasia Steele, an innocent sweet-faced young girl fresh from the university and Christian Grey, a young tycoon – attractive, powerful, and mysterious. A simple meeting for an interview starts a relationship fueled by strong sexual tension and attraction. Ana finds herself consumed by heretofore unknown physical desire for a man she has just met and knows very little about. Christian, on the other hand, who detests emotional relationships, finds himself hopelessly drawn to the young woman. He is powerfully and passionately attracted to the beautiful, intelligent, and innocent young woman who has very strong convictions and an inclination towards independence.

Ana tries to fight the attraction. She is both drawn and repelled by Christian’s dominance, his all-consuming sexual need to dominate over her and bring her to submission. She is overwhelmed by the passions he arouses in her, held captive by her strong erotic needs that only he can fulfill. She allows herself to be subjugated by his desires, both repelled and enchanted by his erotic ways. She is shocked –and enthralled. She is hesitant – yet captivated. She discovers her sexual side and is completely spellbound and enslaved by him.

One side of her wants to know him intimately, in ways other than the physical. She begins to see an anguished young man, fighting with demons which continue to taunt him. She starts to feel tenderness for the man, seeing his pain, his constant battle with anguish and deep-seated grief. She begins to understand that underneath the facade of wealth and power is a man distressed and tormented.

Christian, however, holds on to his secrets, unable to open up to Ana and share his thoughts and feelings with her. Ana dares to break free of the relationship and start out on her own. She gets a job with a publishing house and tries to focus all her thoughts and energies on work. However, she discovers that Christian still continues to keep his hold on her. She cannot break free from thinking of him, from constantly longing for him. She continues to hunger for his presence and love.

Christian seems to be in the same boat. He is consumed by thoughts of Ana, obsessed with thoughts of her and the passion they shared. He continues to thirst for her, to be enslaved by her charms, driven to get her back into his life.

The lovers reconcile. In spite of their unquenchable thirst for each other, however, Ana continues to hunger for emotional intimacy. She still wants to get closer to Christian, in ways other than sexual. She indulges her sensual needs but is unable to break free of wanting more. Christian further demonstrates his unwillingness for more poignant intimacy. He continues to subjugate Ana, unwilling to relinquish his need to control her and hold her in constant subjugation.

The couple are enslaved by their all-consuming passion for each other. But they are driven apart by Christian’s past – its secrets and their hold on him. They are constantly beset by problems of jealousy, insecurities, and unmet emotional needs.

Fifty Shades Freed shows Ana and Christian appearing to enjoy what they have together. They try to sustain their love and passion for each other. They live a leisurely, outwardly ideal life together as a couple, with everything they want seemingly within their grasp. However, Christian’s anguish and pains, sparked by his troubled past, refuse to remain buried. His profound emotional problems continue to beset their relationship. Ana tries to fit in into Christian’s life. She tries to settle for a life of leisure and pure luxury, holding on, at the same time, to the values deeply-ingrained in her since childhood. Christian, on the other hand, realizes that he has to get over his deeply-rooted fear of emotional closeness. The finale of the trilogy follows the couple through to their struggles with their individual fears and needs. It completes this story of singular passion and erotic love between Ana and Christian and reveals what fate has in store for them.

Fifty Shades Freed continues to acquire a bigger following especially with its audio book version. Many prefer the audio book format, the characters in the book apparently becoming more real, the tensions more forceful, and the plot more gripping when you hear the story told. Free versions are even to be had online; all you have to do is download the version you prefer and you can enjoy Ana and Christian’s story powerfully narrated for you.

Fifty Shades Freed Format: Audio Book Publisher: Random House Audio Duration: 21:3 Date Published: Language: English ISBN-10: 0449808203 ISBN-13: 9780449808207