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Fifty Shades Darker is the second installment to the Fifty Shades trilogy. This was released in September 2011. It has become a huge hit following the phenomenal success of the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The story picks up after the two lead characters, Anastasia “Ana” Steele and Christian Grey has broken off their relationship because Ana feels that they are incompatible. After their sensual whirlwind romance, the two head off to their separate lives. Ana becomes a personal assistant to Jack Hyde at the Seattle Independent Publishing House (SIP). In spite of Ana’s doubts about Mr. Hyde’s character, she ignores this and continues working for him. Christian, on the other hand, proceeds on living his life the way he did before meeting Ana as well.

Ana and Christian’s breakup did little to ease the sexual tension between them. If anything, this only seemed to make their need for each other grow more pronounced with each passing day. Despite the separation, the attachment that the two had for each other is undeniable. Ms. Steele finds herself thinking of Christian at every waking moment, further highlighting the fact that she has grown attached to him. This inner turmoil is what eventually leads her to agree to Christian’s offer to drive her to Jose Rodriguez’ (Ana’s friend) gallery exhibit in Portland.

This turn of events becomes a turning point in their story where they are able to reconcile their relationship. Soon after, Christian buys SIP – the company that Ana is working for – and this was kept secret for a month. Ana predictably becomes angered because of Christian’s “interference”, particularly when he freezes the entire company’s accounts that prevented her from going on an overnight business trip to New York with Mr. Hyde. On his defense, Christian states that this move is only for her protection because Mr. Hyde is a well-known philanderer, which was later proven to be true after Mr. Hyde blackmails Ana and demands sexual favors from her. Christian, as the company owner, fires Mr. Hyde after the incident.

Girls who are part of Christian’s past begin haunting Ana. She meets Mrs. Robinson, a person who she discovers to be Christian’s business partner in a salon and who seduced him when he was still a teenager. Mrs. Robinson tries to ruin Ana and Christian’s relationship as soon as she discovers that he sees Ana as a love interest rather than a sexual past time. Ana is also being stalked by Leila Williams, another former submissive, and the situation escalates to the point that Ana finds her life being threatened by the woman. This was brought under control by Christian through their past BDSM dynamic, but it brings Ana closer to the edge again that he may be unable to have a “normal” relationship. His fear of losing Ana again makes him impulsively ask her hand in marriage.

Ana accepts the proposal only after a failed sabotage attempt on Christian’s life, where the engines of the helicopter he’s riding on a trip from Portland to Seattle fail to function. A confrontation between Mrs. Robinson and Ana happens at Christian’s birthday party, but this was effectively ended when Christian’s family overheard about how Mrs. Robinson exploited Christian.

With the perception that all troubles are solved, Christian Grey officially proposes to Ana at the boathouse after his birthday party. The book ends with a threat from Jack Hyde who watched the party the entire time and swears to seek revenge.

The Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook is an undeniable success that has been translated in several languages. It is also widely popular in audiobook format. The whole book’s erotic nature contributes to its widespread popularity; which is why audible downloads also have high demand. People rush to the idea that the book will be more exciting with the aid of an audio format, and expectations prove to be fulfilled as the said format becomes even more in-demand.

The audiobook of Fifty Shades Darker contributes a lot to the reader or listener’s experience – it adds a nice touch of reality as the characters come to life with their voice, while at the same time leaving plenty to the listener’s imagination as he or she is free to conjure up images of the characters and how they come into play as the audiobook progresses. Plenty reviews may criticize the book for its “simplicity” and “lack of literary character”, but it cannot be denied that its influence over people – be it a teenager or a mature adult – is all-out. Audiobooks are available in most bookstores and online stores at a higher price, but it is guaranteed that the additional price is very much worth it.

It is definitely a book that caters to human’s most dominant feelings – love and lust. The final installment in the series, Fifty Shades Freed Audiobook finishes the series in dazzling fashion, and expands upon the story laid down in the first books of the series.

Fifty Shades Darker Format: Audio Book Publisher: Random House Audio Duration: 19:52 Date Published: Language: English ISBN-10: 0449808181 ISBN-13: 9780449808184